Three Solutions to Give Your Concrete Floors in Your Basement a Custom Look

If you have unfinished concrete floors in your basement, you may want to consider adding a finish to them.  The concrete can also have a finish added to it that looks like any other type of custom flooring you want to have installed in your home. Finishing concrete will also give you the benefit of water-resistant basement flooring. This can be done using techniques like stamping, acid staining or adding an epoxy finish to the concrete. Here are some of the ways that you can add an attractive finish to your unsightly concrete floors.

1. Stamped Concrete Finishes for Tile and Masonry Appearance

Whether you want to have the look of tile or masonry inside or outside your home, stamped finishes can be a great solution. This can give concrete the look of materials like cobble stone or brick paving. Stamping involves using concrete forms to stamp textures on surfaces that resemble brick or stonework. It can be a great way to finish an entry way or foyer in your home. Many colors can also be added to the concrete to give it an appearance that is different than plain grey concrete.

2. Acid Stain Finishes to Give Your Floors a Custom Detail and Design

Acid staining is another way to finish your concrete and give it a custom look.  Acid stains are applied with stencils and colors to change the finish of concrete and add color and detail to concrete floors. It can also be done to give floors the appearance of wood and other flooring materials. This can be a good choice for concrete finishes in areas like finished basements, where you may want to have custom floors but want to have them resistant to moisture and water.

3. Epoxy Concrete Finishes to Give Floors a Durable Custom Finish

Epoxy can also be used to finish your concrete floors. The epoxy finishes can be clear and used to protect things like concrete stain. They can also have color added to them to give a unique custom look for your flooring. This can be done in areas like shops and garages to give concrete a durable finish. Epoxy will make it easier to clean up messes like oil in a garage. It can also be a great solution for a floor finish in a basement game room.

These are some things to give concrete floors in your basement an attractive finish. If you are ready to give your concrete a new look, contact a concrete finishing contractor like The Carolina Floor Project and talk with them about using some of these techniques to give your concrete floors a custom finish.