Kitchen Remodeling 101: 3 Tips For Selecting Tile Flooring

Your kitchen is more than just a space where food is prepared. It is also a place for homework, crafts, and gossip. The kitchen is one of the busiest parts of the home—often referred to as the heart of the home.

If you are remodeling your kitchen and replacing the floors, you will want to choose the type of tile flooring carefully. After all, pets with dirty paws will trek across it, chairs and tables will be pushed and pulled, and spills are bound to happen.

If you are replacing your kitchen floor, keep these three tips in mind to ensure you pick a tile that is not only beautiful, but durable and functional too:

1. Opt For Matte or Textured Tile

A shiny or completely smooth tile might look pretty in the showroom, but it isn't very practical for day-to-day life. Shiny and smooth tiles are often slippery and hard to walk on, which make them horrible for high-traffic areas like the kitchen.

If you are replacing the tile in your kitchen, opt for a tile that is matte or has some texture. This will make it much easier to walk on. It will also be less prone to moisture issues, such as mold and mildew.

2. Color Happy

Another factor to consider when selecting kitchen tile is the color. Although you can choose any color you want, some colors will work better in the kitchen. Some basic color tips for kitchen tiles include:

  • Avoid dark tile. In general, darker colors should be avoided because they highlight dirt.
  • Steer clear of cool colors. While shades of blue and green are soothing, they aren't very complimentary to food. Cooler colors can sometimes reflect up onto the food, which may make it look odd. To play it safe, stick to warmer shades for the kitchen. Think shades of orange, red, brown, or yellow.
  • Use light colors to make the space appear bigger. Finally, if you have a small kitchen, consider using light colors. The lighter shades don't distract the eye, which will help the space feel bigger.

3. Mix Tiles

Finally, don't let your budget have the final say. If you are on a budget and cannot afford high-end tiles, consider purchasing just a few and sprinkling them throughout your kitchen. The high-end tiles will add interest and character, and help your kitchen look sleek.

Choosing floor tiles for your kitchen remodel should be a fun experience. Use these helpful tips to ensure you pick a flooring tile that is beautiful, resilient, and affordable. For more information about flooring options, visit Diamond Contract Flooring LLC..