Types Of Carpet Padding

Carpet padding is a material that is used to add certain features to carpets which they do not otherwise have, such as added padding for comfort and non-slip adhesives for safety. However, there are many different types of carpet padding available on the market, all of which do different things. Understanding the differences between the available types of carpet padding and what each type offers can help make it easier to choose which type of carpet padding is the right fit for you.

Bonded Carpet Padding

Bonded carpet padding is one of the most common types of carpet padding available, because it also tends to be the most affordable. Bonded carpet padding is made out of recycled fabrics from mattresses, carpets, and other soft materials. It is designed to add increased depth to your carpet, increasing its heat retention and comfort levels. However, bonded carpet padding is not very durable, and will begin to fall apart fairly quickly due to general wear and tear.

Rubber Carpet Padding

Rubber carpet padding is similar to bonded carpet padding, but is much heavier in construction and is able to withstand a greater amount of physical abuse without falling apart. However, rubber carpet padding does not provide the same level of comfort as bonded carpet padding does, and because rubber is a more expensive material, it tends to cost significantly more than bonded carpet padding. This makes rubber carpet padding ideal for high traffic areas, but not for areas where you will be relaxing.

Felt Carpet Padding

Felt carpet padding is made out of recycled materials, similar to bonded carpet padding, but is treated with chemicals that make it mold resistant. It also provides a higher degree of comfort and insulation, usually in a thicker layer, when compared to rubber or bonded carpet padding. However, felt carpet padding is put into place with staples, which will begin to work themselves loose over time as you walk on your carpet, which can become a safety hazard and will need to be reinstalled, adding long term maintenance to your carpeting.

Non-Slip Carpet Padding

Non-slip carpet padding is for use with carpets that do not have pieces of furniture holding them down. Non-slip carpet padding is essential for homes with children or elderly occupants, as they will ensure that the carpet will not shift as it is walked on, which can be a major safety hazard. However, non-slip carpet padding does not provide any significant degree of comfort or insulation like bonded or rubber carpet padding does.

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