How To Remove Old Carpet

Updating your floors to tile is always a good idea. It's amazing how a new flooring product like tile can completely redefine the style of any room. Many people tear out their carpet floors and replace them with tile. This is a smart investment because it adds style and value to any room. But you can save even more money on the tile installation if you do a small part of the project yourself. This article explains how you can remove your existing carpet to save money on the job.

What You Need

You probably already have all the tools you need to remove carpet. All you really need is a couple of flathead screwdrivers, a utility knife, and leather gloves.

Getting The Carpet Up

The first step is finding an edge that you can grab to pull the carpet up. Usually, you can easily find an edge underneath the baseboard molding. You might need to use the screwdriver to help dig the edge out. You definitely want to wear thick, leather gloves because the fiberglass carpet base can be very sharp and rough on your hands.

In most cases, the carpet will not actually be glued to the floor. It is usually only secured to the tack strips around the edge of the wall. But, pulling the carpet away from the strips shouldn't be difficult. The carpet pads are even easier to move, unless you have a wooden subfloor and they are secured to it with staples. Most of the staples will pop out as you pull the carpet pad up, but some might need to be removed with pliers after the fact. You can use a utility knife to cut the carpet and pad into smaller strips, just so they are easier to carry out of your house.

Removing the Tack Strips and Cleaning Up

The final step is to remove the tack strips. These can be popped off if you just hammer the screwdrivers underneath the wood and then pry upward. Often, the wood will break into a bunch of small pieces, so you'll need to do a lot of sweeping to finish up.

At this point, with everything removed from your floor, and a nice clean surface, you can call in professional tile installers. You will definitely be able to secure a better rate for your tile installation now that the old carpet is fully removed.

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