Cabinet Design Tips for Under-Sink Cabinets

The space underneath the sink presents a tricky challenge for many homeowners. Because of the presence of the sink and plumbing, you don't get the same amount of space as you would for the same cabinet size without the sink.

Luckily, there is still plenty of use that can be had from this space. By making a few design changes to this space, you can make it more practical and useful. 

Pull-Out Garbage Bins

In many homes, it's difficult to find a suitable location for the garbage bin. Even where space isn't an issue, aesthetics definitely are. If the space underneath your sink isn't good for much else, adding a pull-out garbage bin is a good use of the space. 

Many homeowners already use this space to put away odd bits that they are not yet sure what to do with. Therefore, adding a pull-out garbage bin should be a simple decision.

Tension Rods

Adding a tension rod is a simple yet effective way of making the storage space underneath your sink more versatile. For example, you can use this rod to hang a few cleaning supplies so they are within easy reach. The design of many cleaning supplies containers is actually well suited for this.

Door Storage

Cabinet doors can offer an excellent way to hold some of your supplies. This is especially good if you don't want to have to go rummaging underneath the sink and plumbing which can make your search even more difficult. With just a few additions to the cabinet door, it should be ready to hold a few things.

Lazy Susans

Another way that you can avoid having to reach behind the sink and pipes is adding a Lazy Susan. This simple turntable can make it easy to access any supplies that you might keep under the sink. Even if something is out of reach, all it takes is a simple turn to bring it closer.


The cabinet space under the sink is often used as an all-purpose storage solution. You can find everything in these cabinets from paper towels and cleaning supplies to plungers and gloves. Instead of mixing everything together, you can simply ask a cabinet installation expert to create a few compartments. You'll end up with a much tidier space where you can find everything with ease.

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