Which Carpet Is Right For My Business?

When your installing carpeting or some other type of flooring, you might be concerned about how long the carpeting will last. This is especially true if you're installing commercial carpeting. You'll need the right type of carpet to protect your property from wear as a result of too much foot traffic.

Consider Your Foot Traffic

The type of commercial carpeting you should purchase varies depending on how much foot traffic you receive. In some cases, it's not necessary to purchase expensive commercial carpeting, such as if you own a small office where workers are mostly remaining at their desks. However, if you have customers entering and exiting your building regularly, this may necessitate more durable and expensive commercial carpeting. 

Purchase Carpet Backings

Part of what determines how durable your carpet will be is the carpet backings. These are commercial carpets that are cushion-backed. When someone walks over your carpet, the cushion under compresses. This ensures that the carpet isn't crushed and also ensures that your carpet will last for longer. 

Use Carpet Tiles

Given the risk of accidents, it's not a bad idea to purchase carpet tiles. Then, when an accident happens, a tile could be replaced quickly by a spare tile. This is especially useful if you have an upcoming important event or meeting and don't want to be embarrassed by a stained tile.

Choose Cushion-Backed Carpets

Besides being more durable, one of the best advantages of commercial carpets is that they can be great for employee health. Some commercial carpets are cushion-backed, which provides more support for the feet of your employees. This is especially great if your employees are often on their feet.

Pick the Right Material

There are certain types of carpet fibers that are more durable than others. Nylon is considered the most durable and stain-resistant. They can be treated for stain protection. They are  the best option for homes that have pets or homes that have children. But there are other options that can also resist stains, such as polyester and Oleffin. Wool is much less stain resistant. Wool can look amazing for a long period of time, because of how well-constructed it is, but only if you protect it from stains.

The best way to protect floors from stains is to have doormats that will catch dirt tracked in by employees. Vacuum the carpets often and use a steam cleaner. However, high traffic carpets will inevitably become stained and nylon might be the best choice. Talk to a flooring installation service for more help.