2 Ways To Wake Up To A Cozy And Warm Floor

Some people like to turn their thermostat down at night because they sleep better when it is cold. It can be hard to get out of bed, however, especially when you know you are going to step onto a cold floor.  It does not have to be this way, as there are two things you can do to warm your floor up. Radiant Floor Heating Radiant floor heating is a great way to warm your floor up for you so you can step onto a warm floor.

Should I Seal My Tile Floors?

Sealing tiles and grout can help the materials resist staining and water damage. Every homeowner who installs tile floors will at one time or another be faced with the question of whether or not to seal the tile and the grout. Some materials should be sealed, others should not. Read on to find out whether or not you need to seal your tile floors.  Stone Tile  Stone is a naturally porous material that must be sealed in order to be made waterproof.